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Reiki Sessions: Friday and Saturdays

30 minute: $50

60 Minute: $75

*Additional $10 with Biomat

Crystal Stone Reiki Healing

Now Available at River Valley!

Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method for stress reduction and natural healing including physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Through gentle hands-on and hands-off nurturing touch, a reiki treatment can soothe and create deep relaxation as well as aide the body to release stress and tension, reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, support immune system, aide better sleep quality, help with acute injuries and chronic problems such as; eczema, sprains, headaches, asthma, and infections, aide in the breaking of addictions, and help with the symptoms of PTSD. .

Reiki energy goes to the place that needs healing first and allows the cells of the body to realign to help promote the healing process. During a Reiki healing session, the recipient of the therapy will typically experience feelings of heat, coldness and/or energy vibration (which feels like a small electrical current). After the treatment, they typically feel relaxed and comfortable. Over the next few days, they usually notice changes in their bodies, experience less pain and see their sleep improve.

Owner, Amy, has over 30 years of experience in the medical industry including home care experience for chronically ill patients. She is well known for her patient care.

River Valley is excited to partner with Crystal Stone Reiki Healing and offer session at our clinic!

Call 952-746-7664 to schedule your session today!