Psychiatric Services / Medication Management

Our experienced Nurse Practitioners take time with each client to understand their unique strengths, challenges and needs. They provide comprehensive evaluation of psychiatric issues from a holistic approach. A collaborative model is used to identify therapeutic approaches to best meet the needs of the individual.

Our providers also prescribe prescription grade supplements as an alternative therapy, or to augment other medications to promote optimal wellness.

GeneSight Testing

River Valley and their nursing staff now offer GeneSight testing!  Medicines do not work the same for everyone.  Your genes influence the way your body responds to specific medicines.  When medicine does not match your genetics, you can have unwanted side effects or the medicine may not work at all for you.  With GeneSight testing, it can analyze your genes and help our staff select the medicine that works better for you.  There are GeneSight tests available for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, schizophrenia and other behavioral health conditions.  

Many insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid cover GeneSight.  Ask your Healthcare provider for a GeneSight Patient Billing Guide.  You can also learn more about GeneSight at