LGBTQ Support Group

Dates:  TBD

(Please be advised that the October 12th session will be held at 4pm)

River Valley Behavioral Health and Wellness Center is offering a LGBTQ support group to those who are around the ages of 16 and 20 and are in need of a supportive and encouraging environment to discuss topics and challenges faced in daily life. The group will be open to participant’s specific concerns and incorporate additional topics such as; 

-Challenges of coming out and the coming out process
-Support with workplace, school, and home life challenges
-Questions around sexuality and sexual orientation
-Discussion about current events and their effect on LGBTQ individuals and community
-Provide encouragement and coping strategies when dealing with difficult circumstances
-LGBTQ discrimination and societal stigmas

River Valley will also be offering an Adolescent LGBTQ Group for ages 12-15.  This groups dates are yet to be determined but will be starting soon.  

If you have any questions pertaining to either of these groups, please inquire at the front desk or feel free to leave a message at 952-746-7664 and the group facilitator will return your call. Thank you!