Patient Forms

Welcome to River Valley!  Intake forms provide important information to your provider. Please print the forms according to the age of the client and type of appointment. 
Bring the completed forms to your appointment.

If you are having issues with opening the forms, please contact us at 952-746-7664.    

Adult Individual Therapy Appointments:

(Age 18+)

Child/Adolescent Individual Therapy Appointments:

(Ages 2-17)

Note* - Parents/guardians need to sign the consent form. 
Note* - Please note, if there is a joint custody situation, both parents need to sign the consent form.

Couples Therapy Appointments:

Note* - Both partners need to sign each section of the Adult Consent Form.
Note* - Both partners need to complete the Adult Intake Form.

Adult Medication Appointments:

Child/Adolescent Medication Appointments:

Additional Forms: