Our Services

We provide assessment and treat individuals across the lifespan, including; children, adolescents, adults, geriatric populations. (Homepage)

• Medication Evaluation & 
  Management (M)
• Individual Therapy
• Couples and Marital Therapy
• Family Counseling
• Pre-Marital Counseling
• Dialectical Behavior

   Therapy (DBT) (G)

• Court-Ordered Evaluation
   and Treatment (A)
• Training and Education (PW)
• Program Development (O)
• Professional Consultation (O)
• Clinical Supervision
   for Licensure (O)
• Employee Assistance
   Program (EAP) (T)

• Coaching & Leadership (O)
• Rule 25 Chemical Dependency
   Assessment (A)
• Domestic Abuse Evaluation (A)
• Anger Evaluation (A)
• Psycho-sexual Evaluation
• Psychotherapy Yoga (G)
• Assessment of ADHD & (A)
   Learning Disabilities
• Neuropsychological Screening (A)
• Psychological Assessment (A)


We provide treatment and assessment for individuals across the lifespan, including children, adolesents, adults & geriatric populations.


Psychiatric Services
- Medication

Group Therapy


Presentations and Workshops

Other Specialties


The Therapy Process

Therapy is a process of enlisting trained professionals to assist people in solving personal problems and leading more satisfying and meaningful lives. Through self-discovery in therapy, people are able to identify the problems and stress that are barriers to a fulfilling life, and to gain skills and confidence to overcome them. Restoration of hope, achievement of well-being, understanding of personal goals and values, and improvement of relationships are common outcomes.

Therapy is optimally structured to achieve these goals with personal needs and characteristics in mind, leading to a short-term or long-term approach, depending on the problem.

The therapists of River Valley Behavioral Health & Wellness Center are a group of highly trained and experienced professionals committed to helping
you reach your goals in a confidential and comfortable setting. We offer both brief and long-term therapy approaches to life’s challenges, as well as assessment
services for a variety of referral questions.

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