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LGBTQ Support Group


Dates and Ages:  To be Determined Based on Interest

River Valley Behavioral Health and Wellness Center is offering a LGBTQ support group to those who are in need of a supportive and encouraging environment to discuss topics and challenges faced in daily life. The group will be open to participant’s specific concerns and incorporate additional topics such as; 

-Challenges of coming out and the coming out process
-Support with workplace, school, and home life challenges
-Questions around sexuality and sexual orientation
-Discussion about current events and their effect on LGBTQ individuals and community
-Provide encouragement and coping strategies when dealing with difficult circumstances
-LGBTQ discrimination and societal stigmas

If you have any questions pertaining to the support group, please inquire at the front desk or feel free to leave a message at 952-746-7664 and the group facilitator will return your call. Thank you!